Testimonials For Jennie Bailey

I have worked with Jennie with several of my complex clients now, and I know that her input and expertise was absolutely key in helping those children improve in their sleep behaviours. Children with brain injuries often present with sleep difficulties, and Jennie goes right back to basics to instill new behaviours and habits around sleep, tailoring her input to provide a personalised programme that not only builds confidence in the child, but supports parents and carers as well, many of whom are often totally exhausted from years of disturbed sleep prior to her involvement. Jennie develops programmes that can be followed easily, meaning that temporary setbacks can be managed and positive progress re-established as soon as possible. I cannot recommend Jennie highly enough in this very specialist field.

Jen Wildman, owner and lead paediatric case manager

Wildman Case Management

To whom it may concern, Jennie has been supporting us in the past with challenges we faced with both our boys. She has always been professional in her approach. Her expertise in child care, behaviour, parenting and special needs has been extremely helpful for us. In particular, she has supported us in the following areas: Helping us with assessment and diagnosis of special needs Potty training Sleep training Maternity nursing following an illness after the birth of my second child Jennie listens well and her approach is always individual – there are no standardised solutions. She always works in the interest of the child and the parent. It was a huge relief and pleasure to know that Jennie was always available for support. Unfortunately, children don’t come with a manual but Jennie is the closest to it.


To whom it may concern, Following the birth of our 2nd child, we were introduced to Jennie who subsequently spent approximately 2 nights per week with us over a period of 2 months helping us develop a night-time routine for our new-born son who found it hard to settle after each night-time feed. From the outset, Jennie immediately comes across as a highly personable and friendly individual who easily settled into our home environment – which was important given that you could find yourselves passing each other in the middle of the night or over supper or breakfast. In addition, she quickly struck up a really easy and strong rapport with both our newborn and our 3 ½-year-old daughter. She has an excellent way with children and we had no doubt about her ability to look after, settle, bottle-feed or change nappies. She immediately became “one of the family”. Jennie evidently loves her job. The passion with which she approached each session was really wonderful to see. Each morning we would be greeted by a full update on the night before. Not only had we managed to enjoy far more sleep due to Jennie being with us, but we also learnt a lot about what we could do differently as parents. She gave us increasing levels of confidence during a time when we really needed moral support. (Our daughter had been a bad sleeper and we were used to endlessly broken nights). In short, Jennie has been an immensely helpful and great value for money. She is fun to have around, clearly knows her stuff and is someone you immediately trust. I’m more than happy to follow up with a verbal reference should that be required.


Jennie came to us for 4 nights over a 5 day period. I was shattered after a year without sleep and the thought of going back to work with 4 – 5 hours sleep a night concerned me and I did not know how to improve it. I contacted night nannies who put me in contact with Jennie. I first spoke with Jennie on the phone to explain the situation. Jennie listened and reassured me that it could be improved. On the first night Jennie joined us for dinner and bath time so that Beatrix got to know her. At 9pm Jennie took over and looked after the baby until 7am. The first night Beatrix woke up regularly as per her usual pattern. The next morning I was very pleased of a full nights sleep and to see that Beatrix was happy even though I had not been there during the night. Jennie provided a verbal update in the morning and an email summary of what happened in the night. Jennie completed the first 3 nights and Beatrix’s wake ups reduced and when she did wake up she became shorter to settle. In the morning Beatrix was always very happy. I did the 4th night on my own following Jennie’s suggested technique. Jennie came back on the 5th night to finish the training. Jennie gave me the confidence and support I needed as well as 4 full night sleeps. Beatrix now sleeps through from 7pm – 6:30am which is amazing. Jennie provided call and email support during and post the 5 nights. I would highly recommend Jennie. Both Beatrix and my 3.5 year old loved her. Jennie is professional, trustworthy, caring and very knowledgeable about all childcare matters. I learnt a lot from her and not just regarding sleep. A very grateful mum.


Jennie has been involved with the care of my daughter since she was 6 months old and I returned to work part time after my maternity leave, my daughter is now 2 ½ and Jennie remains a key part of my daughters and our family life. Jennie has always been very professional in her approach to childcare and nannying and has exceeded my expectations in the care and support that she provides to our family. When I first returned to work I was initially very hesitant to leave my daughter in the care of anyone else and was nervous at the prospect of how my daughter would settle in to a new routine and environment. Jennie was very supportive and reassuring throughout this period and from the outset my daughter was settled and happy in her care, Jennie would also go out of her way to make sure that I was kept informed of all the little things that they had been up to during the day and would let me know how much she had eaten and slept etc, which as a first time mum I found very important to keep track of. Jennie was also able to help establish my daughter into a regular pattern of feeding and sleeping during the day which I was able to continue on the days when I was at home and which for me personally made planning my days with a small baby much easier, it also had the benefit of cementing a regular night time sleeping pattern and has meant that since the beginning my daughter has slept well and consistently through the night. Jennie provided a lot of practical advice throughout the weaning period and was able to guide me through the steps that should be taken and how to approach them. Jennie was very keen to get my daughter feeding herself from an early stage and teaching her to be independent in her use of a spoon and in ensuring a variety of foods and textures were introduced. This has meant that my daughter became very adept at feeding herself quite quickly and is not fussy with what she eats, she is able to eat out with us in restaurants and at friends houses with the minimum of fuss and with no need to only stick to toddler friendly venues! Jennie is currently helping me to start potty training with my daughter and is guiding me through a process which I initially found quite daunting and was a little reluctant to embark upon. Jennie has thoroughly discussed the process and expectations and was able to point out the signs of when my daughter was showing readiness to start on this next step. Having someone to help guide me with this is invaluable and is not only helping to get my daughter confident with the idea but also myself and my husband. I would not hesitate to recommend Jennie either in a nannying capacity or for parenting advise and support. Jennie has extensive experience of working with children and I feel very reassured that should any questions or problems arise that I can rely on her to help and support us. I hope that Jennie will continue to be part of our family life and involved with our daughters development and I know that I shall be turning to her for more assistance when our second child is born later this year.


To Whom it May Concern, Jennie Bailey cared for my 2 boys for 2 years – during which time I could go to work confidently knowing that they would be exceptionally well cared for and have an amazing time within a loving caring family environment. Alongside the day to day care Jennie also offered helpful insights into many aspects of parenting, due to her wealth of experience and knowledge, which I always found very useful. Further to this Jennie was always very approachable and proactive if I was struggling with any specific issues. Jennie helped me through two very difficult times, one associated with bed time routine and another involving my angry 5yr old. Jennie was able to explain very clearly the probable reasons for the child’s behavior, help me understand what we needed to change and clearly explain how we could achieve this. Jennie was always available if I needed to speak with her during these very stressful and emotional times (including during and after the bedtime route) to keep me on track, reinforce why/what we were doing it, and offer praise to both myself and the children when required. On both occasions by following Jennies devised programs the children and I were able to positively change our behavior to follow new routes and return to a calm family atmosphere in less than ONE week. Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like to discuss this recommendation further.


Jennie helped us out with caring for our newborn son from 4.5 weeks old. She helped us establish a workable routine that suited his needs and worked in a very intuitive way (this definitely wasn’t a one size fits all solution and put the needs of the individual child at the heart). She recommended extra things we could consider to help his particular situation (in our case; wind), and built on the foundations or what we had started already. She was very empathetic to how it feels to care for your baby following a c section and gave me some respite for two consecutive nights which both helped me feel more human and gave me some much-needed rest to help build my milk supply. She is a very comfortable and warm person to have in your home in the first few tender weeks/months. We trusted her from the outset and I warmly recommend her to others in the same position as ourselves


When I contacted Jennie I was, it’s fair to say, pretty desperate! My 6 month old son, Charlie, was on complete bottle strike and had been since he was 8 weeks old and I was due to return to work very soon A week before we contacted Jennie we had set aside a weekend where my husband would spend time with Charlie while I took our 2 year old, Robbie, out for the day so that Charlie could get used to the bottle (effectively going ‘cold turkey’ from the breast). Robbie and I had a fantastic day out but when we got back my poor husband was almost in tears – it had gone that badly. Things didn’t improve and Charlie refused the bottle for a whole weekend before I had to go back to breast feeding him. I had the pressure of returning to work and really had to get Charlie onto a bottle. From the moment I first spoke to Jennie and she said she would be able to help me I felt a huge relief. A few days later Jennie arrived to spend 48 hours with us. She arrived at lunchtime while Charlie was having his nap and we had a long chat about what we’d tried with Charlie (which included buying pretty much every different bottle on the market, trying expressed milk and formula, dipping the teat in apple puree – you name it, we’d tried it). Once Charlie woke up from his nap, Jennie took over. Within a couple of hours of Jennie being with us Charlie had taken a little milk from the bottle (without (much to my relief) too many tears or tantrums). Over the 48 hours Jennie was with us she got Charlie more and more used to his bottle and showed my husband and new nanny how to get Charlie to accept the bottle from them. By the time Jennie left us, Charlie was fully on the bottle and very happy with it. She really did work her magic on him. In addition to sorting Charlie’s bottle issues out, Jennie was really supportive to me when I was suffering with all the crazy hormones attached to giving up breast feeding. Jennie was also fantastic with Robbie and happily played with him when she wasn’t with Charlie. When it came time for Jennie to leave us I was terrified that it would all go horribly wrong once she was gone but she was so lovely and supportive. She called me later that evening to check-in and see how things were going and has continued supporting me since then. She’s been amazing at giving me advice over email to help get Charlie to sleep through the night and help me with weaning advice. I really can’t rate Jennie’s skills dealing with baby feeding and sleeping issues highly enough – she really was incredible.


To whom it may concern, I have known Jennie Bailey for many years; she was initially a member of the Night Nannies team and undertook a variety of jobs for me, before she set up her own business as a childminder. She has recently returned to Night Nannies, with additional skills at her fingertips and has proved herself to be extremely capable, flexible and very popular with all my clients. Jennie has worked with disabled babies and children; she has also undertaken sleep training placements and during her initial interview with me she expressed a solid understanding of a variety of sleep training techniques and how to implement them alongside parents. She seems to be an “instinctive” nanny; frequently she would try to imagine herself in some of the hypothetical situations I outlined in the interview, and drew on her experience to offer well thought out answers. I found Jennie to be a warm, cheerful woman, well-presented, very easy to get to know and with the depth of knowledge you would expect from a Norlander. Jennie is able to do intensive work with families and can support day and night with behaviour issues, sleep problems, structuring routines and feeding patterns as well as maternity care and advice. She is also qualified to teach baby massage using specific techniques to help babies with pain issues such as colic or reflux. All of this creates a very strong base for her work with Night Nannies – she is a woman of enormously varied abilities and likes to be able to implement them all in the work she undertakes.

Georgie Bateman

To Whom It May Concern, Jennie helped look after our son while we were away. She is the most wonderful woman, a total professional and my husband and I both felt completely relaxed knowing that our son was being looked after by her. She has a lovely way with children and my son took to her very quickly. She helped us extensively with his sleeping as well as general care. She was so kind and took lots of time to reassure me by phone as I was away as well as having in depth discussions with my Mother. She also followed up once we were home with texts and calls which was great and gave me lots of confidence to see that I was doing the right thing. I could not recommend her enough.


To whom it may concern, After four years of not sleeping I was introduced to Jennie as a sleep specialist who could possibly allow my child to get a night’s sleep and enable my family to reconnect to a normal routine for my children. Jennie subsequently spent approximately 14 nights with us over a two-week period, helping us develop a night-time routine for our daughter who has mild cerebral palsy and sleeping difficulties. From the first day I met Jennie I knew she would easily settle into our family and be able to bond with my child, who desperately needed support with falling asleep. It crucial that she was the right fit for our family as she was with us handling such an emotionally driven routine for my child and this would benefit the whole family once it was established. After a few tricky first nights for me letting go, she created a great bond with my child and other children in my house which meant everyone was at ease with her doing this important role to establish this new routine. She very quickly became part of the family who the children adored and asked for. Jennie is passionate about her job. Her positive approach and can-do attitude are what makes the programme work and makes it easy for the family to adapt and want to make this work. Jennie is a fantastic communicator who keeps you informed and updated on progress, and eagerly responds to questions, feedback and new ideas. I was so pleased to understand my child’s needs and progress at each stage through the two weeks and was flabbergasted that Jennie achieved the sleeping routine by the end of the two weeks. It was a successful routine and I would recommend Jennies services and techniques to anyone who needed her due to her fabulous skills and her personable approach. I’m more than happy to follow up with a verbal reference should that be required.


We were lucky enough to have Jennie looking after our son Oscar (age 13 months) during a family wedding weekend. It was a busy time and having Jennie was an enormous help and meant we could relax knowing he was well taken care of. Having 5 sons and extensive experience Jennie is a wealth of knowledge with a relaxed attitude. I don’t think anything fazes her as she’s seen it all. You could ask her anything and she’d know what to do. I felt extremely comfortable leaving Oscar with her and could enjoy the weekend in the knowledge that he was cared for by the best. Having never had help with our son before I was a little anxious to begin with but Jennie very quickly put my mind at ease. She’s a lovely lady who is both calm, hands on, and completely adores children. We will definitely be using her again!

Rosie Sydney-Smith

After 16 months of my son waking numerous times at night, due to undiagnosed silent reflux leading to a best intentioned routine of bad habits, numerous unproductive appointments with various childcare professionals and the slow erosion of any self confidence that I was fit to be a parent we found Jennie and Jennie fixed us. Jennie is the perfect balance of expertise and compassion, she was extremely generous with her time, exceptionally professional with the warmest of approaches. Jennie quickly and gently reset us and broaden our understanding of the potential of young children. The impact of her help is immeasurable, we are a much, much happier, productive, confident family. I think most parents feel at some stage that they have hit a brick wall and have been told ‘this is just a phase you have to go through’, Jennie does not except this and will do everything she can to help you find the answer. We still can’t thank you enough, very best wishes.

Louise, Ed and William

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I write this reference for Jennie, who walked into our lives for the first time, at a time when things were not going too well for us. We cannot recommend her highly enough – the best money we have ever spent on ourselves! Our 18-month-old was still not sleeping through the night when our second baby arrived in the midst of a succession of house moves. Two parents near breaking point, we were muddling our way through the nights with both children, having tried everything (and listening to too much advise from well-meaning friends and family members), we were “cheating” like mad in desperation for sleep. Jennie entered our home with all the confidence in the world (professional experience teamed with having 4 children of her own), friendly and mothering – she immediately put us all at ease, taking control of the situation by talking us through her plans (designed to change the current bad sleep habits we had helped foster), helping us get our first good night’s sleep in months almost immediately, and very quickly helping both babies change their sleep patterns. We were forced to contact Jennie on various occasions following her stay with us over the telephone too e.g. when the new sleep routines were interrupted by a holiday, and just as successfully she helped us get back on track. And when we experienced another sleep hurdle a year or so later, we did not hesitate to contact Jennie a second time – choosing to “nip the situation in the bud” quickly, with the same life changing results! Over and above “sleep”, Jennie was able to offer invaluable help and advice with all things baby – my one daughter struggles with reoccurring ear infections, and Jennie’s tips and suggestions are still used today. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to chat about our experience with Jennie personally. We were thrilled our paths crossed when they did, she changed our lives for the better! Thanks again Jen!

Nicola Peck

Jennie Bailey is our fairy godmother. Jennie first came to us over 3 years ago with our first daughter. After struggling with a baby who didn’t sleep, vomited lots and was head to toe with eczema for 5 months, it was Jennie who told us within 15 minutes that our daughter had milk allergy and reflux. We knew we were in safe hands with Jennie, whose very loving, caring and no nonsense personality shone brightly. From then on Jennie became instrumental in helping us wean our daughter off breastfeeding, support us whilst the bottle was not accepted and fight for neocate milk from the doctors who wanted us to trial different milks. Jennie then taught our daughter how to nap during the day and sleep at night and teach us how to get her to sleep so that we ourselves could finally sleep. Jennie was absolutely amazing and the support and after care follow ups we received really showed how Jennie loves the babies she works with as she helps parents build up their confidence again. Two and a half years later we called on Jennie again as our second daughter had severe reflux. Jennie’s knowledge and expertise with reflux babies gave us the tools to deal with another tough baby. Again, Jennie put her heart into it and has given us so much emotional support and has helped me to see the light at the end of the longest black tunnel. We could not have done this without Jennie and we are very grateful that she was chosen for our family. We couldn’t recommend her highly enough and trust her implicitly.


When I contacted Jennie, I was struggling to cope with little sleep and a baby that refused the bottle. My son, Eli, was just over 5 months old and had refused a bottle from about 6 weeks of age. He was a very colicky baby in his first few months and we had not had an evening with him asleep in the cot. We were also not getting more than 6 hours of broken sleep a night. At four months old, Eli suffered from a nasty cold and sleep regression. Our sleep had diminished to under 4 hours a night with no naps in the day and along with the bottle refusal l didn’t know when I was going to get some rest. At 5 months old, I reached breaking point and contacted Jennie. I mainly wanted some sleep but as I was due back to work in a few months so I decided to tackle the bottle too. Jennie was able to book three (almost solid) days with us and we only had to wait a couple of weeks. I already felt better! Needless to say, Jennie did get Eli on the bottle in the three days. I’m not going to say it was easy. Giving up breastfeeding was extremely emotional for me and there were many tears. Jennie was very sensitive to this and would take Eli out to feed so I couldn’t hear him if he was cross. As mentioned the other issue was sleep. We had a very convoluted nighttime routine which finally got Eli in the cot at around 9pm. Jennie gave us the confidence to simplify our nighttime routine and just put Eli in the cot after his last feed at 7pm. She also quickly identified that Eli did not need his overnight feed and I was waking him up more by giving him the feed. These two changes already helped with our evenings and nights. By the time Jennie had left us, Eli was sleeping so much better. It still wasn’t perfect but Jennie had also given us the tools to move forward. After Jennie’s visit, we had a much happier baby. He really needed that sleep. I haven’t looked back and would definitely employ Jennie for number two.

Georgina Wallis.

Jennie came to us when our little boy, Alasdair, was 7 months old. He suffered with reflux and a variety of food intolerances and as a result had never been a good sleeper due to being in discomfort. Between his two night feeds, needing his dummy replaced or just needing to be resettled, Ali was waking almost every hour through the night. We were also very nervous about weaning him for fear of aggravating his problems. I knew we had to do something about his sleep but was totally opposed to any form of sleep training that just left Ali to cry. Jennie was recommended to us by a friend, and came to us for a week. For the first 3 days she did days and nights, and then another 4 nights to consolidate things. The only words I have for what she achieved are “magical” and “amazing”! In just a week she had ditched the dummy, got rid of the 3am feed (which he really didn’t need!) and taught Ali to self settle! Getting rid of the dummy did cause tears, but I was totally comfortable about it, as I knew that Ali was never left to cry – Jennie was always there to rock him and sing to him (she has a great repertoire of songs!) and cuddle him through it while he learned not to need the dummy. Ali adored her on sight and she was incredibly loving and sweet with him – I had absolutely no qualms about leaving him in her care. By the time she left, Ali had a structured dream feed and then was only waking once or twice between 7pm – 7am – something I would have said was impossible at the start of the week. Jennie was also great at giving us more confidence with weaning – she helped us introduce more finger foods, get him settled in his high chair, and broadened Ali’s diet considerably. It’s always odd having a stranger in your house 24 hours a day but my husband and I both found living with Jennie very easy – she was fun and interesting to talk to, and we found that we quickly built a good relationship – frankly, it felt like having a member of the family to stay! We will definitely work with Jennie again in the future and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone!