Our Fees

Support with Developmental Milestones

E.g. breastfeeding, artificial feeding, weaning and potty training

  • Prices from £20 per hour*

Support with Complex Issues

Prices to be agreed as per individual requirements*

Remote Support packages

  • Bronze – £400*
  • Silver – £700*
  • Gold – £1250*
  • Platinum – £20 / hour*

Specialist Consultant Advice

Prices to be agreed as per individual requirements*

Other Expenses

*The Kids Consultancy charges a one-off introduction fee of £200 payable on booking your consultant.

The consultant will charge 45p/mile, as per the Government’s recommendation. If your consultant works on Bank Holidays, double fees will be payable.

Should your consultant return in future for another placement, an additional agency fee will be payable, and should you choose to employ your consultant on a permanent basis (and should they be available) an introductory fee of eight times her weekly salary will be payable.