About Me

Hello! My name is Jennie Bailey, owner of The Kids Consultancy, Sprat & Winkle Day Nursery and Night Nannies South and West of England. Welcome to my website.

I began my training at The Norland College and I have worked as a night nanny, childminder, maternity nurse, sleep consultant, behaviour specialist and troubleshooter. I have acquired numerous child-related qualifications and training during my 20 years working in childcare and education within both the private and public sectors. Continuing to work at ground level ensures my knowledge is current and I am aware of the challenges faced by professionals and parents. My professional perspective is informed by being a mother of 5 children, thus giving me a broad spectrum of knowledge that has enabled me to help numerous parents, families and children.

My Services:

The Kids Consultant
The Kids Consultant offers a broad range of consultancy services to offer support to parents struggling with life as a parent. I am able to provide support with complex sleep issues, concerns over child development milestones and helping parents to find the right professionals and diagnosis for any development issues. I can help navigate the system for special needs diagnosis and the process of finding the right school, as well as the statementing process. I have a team of professionals with specialist knowledge to support parents with any challenges they are facing.
Night Nannies
Night Nannies is the UK’s leading night nanny agency and I own several branches across the South and West of England. I provide childcare professionals with the same ethos as mine; to offer services that make the life of a parent as stress-free as possible through a wonderful team of professional night nannies, maternity nurses and super nannies. Respite care and remote support services are also available as are bespoke packages to suit individual needs.
Sprat & Winkle Day Nursery
Sprat & Winkle is a day nursery provision which will be opening in September 2021. We take children from 3 months to 5 years and provide an extended school holiday provision for children up to Key Stage 2.
Having run my own childcare business from home since 2003, I am really excited to open my own day nursery. I have previously run my childcare setting from home both on a large and small scale with up to 20 children on my books at any one time. This has meant that I have been responsible for employing, retaining and training all my staff and for completing all the required paperwork.

The Kids Consultant was set up to provide:

  • Childcare consultancy to help parents navigate the challenges of parenthood.
  • Support with development issues and milestones including support for parents with children with SEN / learning difficulties / disabilities.
  • Night nannies, maternity nurses, emergency and remote support.
  • Specialist consultancy advice from an amazing team of professionals covering a wide range of specialisms.
  • Day nursery provision in the form of a holistic and nurturing education station.

“As a parent of five children and a child with social, emotional and physical disabilities, I know that life sometimes becomes very challenging. I want to use the qualifications I have and my own experiences to help others.” – Jennie